Fote  LP

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Side A:
Perfect Sense
Lost Toy
Put House

Side B:
Shaking the House
Cross Garden
Underground Games

Following the short-lived Truth Club with Trefor Goronwy (who later went on to work with This Heat and The Camberwell Now), Fote was formed in 1981 with the trio of Robert Haigh, Deborah Harding, and Trevor Reidy. Releasing two 12" EP's along with one track featured on a split 7" with Truth Club, Fote's entire studio recordings consisted of just 8 tracks. With angular constructs of post-punk, free-form improvisations, and wicked time signatures, these tracks shredded boundaries one can still hear to this day. These early foundations are also heard in much of Haigh's later Sema compositions as well as Reidy's motorik percussion with Nurse with Wound, Danielle Dax, and The Monochrome Set. Curiously, Harding's vocal tensions and outright unhinged polarities in Fote sound like much of the exorcisms and brilliant psychodramas on many of Chrystal Belle Scrodd's (Diana Rogerson) later solo albums. Cut at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity, including all 8 tracks, and featuring the original sleeve artwork by Deborah Harding. An absolutely essential document from the early 80s independent British post-punk scene.