Christoph Heemann & Andreas Martin

'Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen' 2CD / 10"

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Unavailable for over 10 years, this new edition of "Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen" ("Memoirs of a Lepidopterist") collects the collaborative and early solo works of Andreas Martin and Christoph Heemann as an extensive 2CD retrospective. Moving between minimalist guitar compositions, tape-music narratives, and an array of cascading electronics, each of Martin and Heemann's solo recordings blend seamlessly within the milieu of their collaborative work. While one can hear how this forged the groundwork for much of the late-period H.N.A.S. material, the work here took the vision further, and helped shape a path toward their respective solo endeavors. Included are compositions from their first solo releases: Martin's "Doppelpunkt Vor Ort" (1993) and Heemann's-"Uber den Umgang mit Umgebung and Andere Versuche" (1991), each originally released as small edition 10" vinyl. Also featured is a prime selection of previously unreleased material, obscure 7" tracks, and their collaborative opus from the (H.N.A.S.) "Ach, Dieser Bart!" LP (1988). This deluxe set includes two additional tracks (not appearing on the previous edition), remastered audio, and fully restored visuals. All packaged in a beautiful mini-LP gatefold jacket with an updated 4-page booklet. Over 100 minutes of music covering the years 1987-2000.

Volume I
1. Nuchtern Fahren, Sicher Ankommen (1988) / 2. Die Drei Wege ens Unbekannte Teil 1 (1991, 1995) / 3. ...Und Schritt Ruckling ins Wasser, der Aussicht Wegen (1992) / 4. Dre Drei Wege ins Unbekannte Teil 2 (1991, 1995) / 5. Über Den Umgang Mit Umgebung und Andere Versuche Teil 1 (1991) / 6. Teil 2 (1991) / 7. Teil 3 (1991) / 8. Fussgänger (2000)

Volume II
1. Die Sagenhaften Hühner (1993) / 2. Bärenluder (1993) / 3. Wurstfinger (1993) / 4. Fahrradmusik (1992/93) / 5. Hirschmöhre (1993) / 6. Die Nachbarn (1991) / 7. Als der Morgen kam, war es, als sei nur eine Nacht vergangen (1987/88) / 8. Untitled (1992)


Volume I:
1 H.N.A.S. KK/Electrip 04 7"
5-7 Christoph Heemann Robot Records 01 10"
Volume II:
1-5 Andreas Martin Robot Records 03 10"
7 H.N.A.S. KK/Electrip 03 12"

All other selections are previously unreleased.


The 10" picture disc was limited to 400 copies and contains an exclusive track in addition to three of the new tracks from the CD edition.

Both formats graced by the artwork of Christoph Heemann.